SFTP Destination

Send SSRS subscription output directly to SFTP

Built for Microsoft’s SQL Reporting Services (SSRS), Deztec SFTP Destination is a delivery extension which allows users to have subscription output automatically uploaded to FTP server destinations.

Forget having to output to a network location and spend hours developing and testing jobs and/or SSIS packages to deliver files to FTP. Deztec SFTP Destination provides a simple method of having report output delivered to clients or other end users automatically, securely, and easily.


Multiple Supported Connection Types



FTP (No encryption! Not recommended.)

PGP File Encryption

When enabled, report output (CSV/XLSX/etc.) will be PGP encrypted (and .pgp extension added to the filename) prior to being uploaded to the destination server


Satisfies the strictest standards for handling sensitive (PHI, PCI) data and strict Hitrust, SOC 2 (and other) security frameworks. Report output never leaves the SSRS server aside from the requested file transfer operation.

Offline Installation Option

Intended for servers that have a hardened network configuration preventing the SSRS server from reaching our licensing service to perform license activation during installation.



The longer license term you purchase, the bigger the savings! Try it first with our free 30 day trial! When you decide you love it, you’ll be able to renew your license after logging in to your account.

Licenses valid for all versions (includes upgrades).

1 Year

$ 89 .99
per year

3 Years

$ 79 .99
per year
  • Best Value

5 Years

$ 69 .99
per year


  • Free 30 day trial
  • Fully featured

Simple installation!

Run the installer on the server running SSRS. Be sure to provide your e-mail address during installation to simplify the license renewal process and link the license to your account. The installer will automatically restart the SSRS service when the installation is complete.


Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS 2017, 2019, or 2022)

Administrative privileges

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