This error occurs when SSRS attempts to run a subscription that is configured for a Delivery Extension that it cannot find. This could happen if the delivery extension was uninstalled.

If you need to update your license, do not uninstall and reinstall. Follow these simple License Installation Instructions to update your installed license.

When SSRS cannot locate a delivery extension specified by a subscription, instead of recording the error and moving along, it also updates the subscription by removing the Delivery Extension that was configured.

In order to fix this issue, you must run the following on the SSRS database where the issue is present:

UPDATE subscriptions
	InactiveFlags = 0,
	DeliveryExtension = 'Deztec SFTP Destination',
	LastStatus = ''
WHERE DeliveryExtension = ''
AND LastStatus = 'The delivery extension associated with this subscription is not available on this report server. Verify that the delivery extension is installed.';

This assumes that all subscriptions in this state need to be linked back to the Deztec SFTP Destination delivery extension. Thankfully SSRS does not wipe out the ExtensionSettings field on the Subscriptions table. So, once DeliveryExtension is restored, subscriptions should continue being delivered through the extension again.

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