Where’s My License?

Licenses first appear in your deztec.com account after you install a product and go through Online/Automatic Activation during installation. We use the e-mail address provided during installation to link the license to your deztec.com account. If you don’t have an account during installation, an account is automatically established for the e-mail address provided.

The other way licenses can get added to an account is by manually uploading a license request via Offline/Manual Activation.

If you haven’t installed any products yet, you will not have any licenses in your account. If you have gone through installation and don’t see a license you were expecting, it may be that you provided a different e-mail address during installation or something went wrong.

To get around this, all you need to do is create a License Request file and upload it to your account. Please follow steps 1 & 2 from the Offline/Manual Activation instructions in order to link the license to your account.

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