SFTP Destination: Errors connecting to FTP server

You may encounter an error message indicating that a subscription configured for Deztec SFTP Destination cannot connect. This issue typically arises from either connectivity problems or configuration errors and often occurs during the initial setup of the delivery extension for a subscription.

Error messages seen when a connection issue arises include:

Error: System.Exception: DeliverToFTPServer() : System.TimeoutException: Timed out trying to read data from the socket stream! [...]

To troubleshoot, try connecting to the destination host using a standard FTP tool from your desktop or command line. We recommend using the FileZilla FTP client, which supports the necessary protocols. Ensure you use the same configuration settings provided to the delivery extension and connect from the same server where SSRS is installed.

You should never include credentials (username or password) in a support request

If you can connect with a regular FTP tool but not with our delivery extension, please contact us for further assistance.

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